About Hi-Def


DJ Hi-Definition (Hi-Def) is an open format turntable DJ based out of Louisville, KY. Although his roots are in Hip-Hop & R&B, Hi-Def’s DJ journey lead him to discover the classic soul, funk, and jazz records that inspired a lot of his favorite songs. Hi-Def’s connection with the art of DJ evolved from music selector to turntablist after discovering the scratch DJ legends A-Trak and Craze on YouTube.

“I started DJ’ing sophomore year of college on a budget DJ controller. Those were the days of beat matching and echo outs thinking I was the killing it! I eventually outgrew the controller and moved to CDJs, and then ultimately turntables. I never looked back after that. Once I started studying the greats, I was introduced to things I never knew could be done with DJ equipment…”


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In 2018, Hi-Def co-founded Clayton Frazier Sound, LLC, a professional audio services company. You can stay informed with all things Hi-Def by visiting www.itshidefinition.com/live.